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Sister Stories

I work with many lovely clients and l love it when they follow their creative passions! One of my past clients at P&G, Carine, set up this business in Geneva with her sister Nathalie, creating beautiful paper goods. Here is their story.

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“I always wanted to launch a small label and business with my sister. First we were looking into opening a coffee shop which would combine decorative items coming from Nordic countries (like bloomingville or house doctor). Realising that the costs in Geneva are high and that these Nordic brands get sold in many shops, we noticed after organizing my wedding back in June 2015, that the choice in paper goods and personnalisation was so poor, either you need to order online or you get old fashion kind of paper goods like calligraphy. We took the opportunity to take calligraphy classes in London and launched our small label. We mainly do cards, mugs, quotes and we offer an ‘à la carte’ service with customised items for weddings, birthdays or any other kind of special event. In the longer term we are looking to further improve our calligraphy style by taking more lessons and maybe offering classes, as we love certain types of calligraphy like brush lettering.”

If you are interested Sisters Stories products, you can buy them at their online store at