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Welcome to Graphicologies’ design journal where we write about what we are up to, what’s inspiring us.

My Design Journal

Magical Venice

For many, many years l wanted to go to Venice, but as hard as l tried it just didn’t happen for one reason or another. Then, for my birthday, it finally happened. Now my birthday is in February, which meant that for me, my experience of Venice was a bit different to most peoples. It was a weekend shrouded in  heavy fog, which made for some very atmospheric photos. Wandering along the canals when you can’t even see the other side it was so thick. But when the fog lifted and the sun came out the magic increased. Being a Pisces l love nothing more than being near water. Strolling around with no plan and no specific destination, we covered most of Venice, usually unintentionally! It is very easy to get lost.